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The Deli Serdang district has population of about 1,550,000 people. Most of the population are Malays. This area has very valuable potential tourist objects . Since long ago, it has been destination of any tourists.


Percut is a seaside tourist Destination. Lately, the number of domestic tourists visiting this place has been increasing from year to year. Beside enjoying seafod at the Restorant Terapung ( Floating Restaurant), visitors can go fishing im middle of the sea in a speedboat. It is an ideal activity for relaxation.

Pantai Cermin

Pantai Cermin - which literally means 'mirror beach'- is located 48 KM to east of Medan facing the Malacca Strait. It is visited by local tourist from Medan and surrounding towns for relaxation and fishing onm weekends or during holidays.

Adolina State - owned Plantation

This is large plantation of oil palms. It is situated by main road side on way from Medan to Tebing Tinggi, about 45 KM from Medan.

Sialang Buah

Sialang Buah lies about 60 KM from Medan. It is nice place for swimming and fishing.


It is located by the main road from Medan to Berastagi, 35 KM from Medan, Many visitor come to this place for relaxation, especially on holidays . There is a river here with clear waters where people can go swimming while enjoying the beautiful natural environtment. Some small, interesting restaurants are found in this area, which is easily reached by bus fom Medan.

Sibolangit Botanical Reserve

Sibolangit lies 40 KM to south of Medan. There is a Botanical reserve here which be interesting for scientish and student as it contains many species of tropical vegetation including several species of rate trees.

Scouts Camping Ground

The grounds lies about 7 KM from Sibolangit Botanical Reserve, on the way to Berastagi. The Nation Scouts Jamboree of 1977 took place here which was attended also by scouts from ASEAN countries.

Bandar Baru

Bandar Baru is mountainside resort with cool, fresh air. There are many small rest houses where visitor can stay and also several small restaurants which sell food and drink for visitors



Binjai district is situated 22 KM from Medan. It takes one hour by bus. The road from Medan to Binjai is asphalted and in good condition. The Binjai district is popularly known as 'kota rambutan' because the rambutan fruit from this area is larger than that from other areas. The Binjai rambutans are also well known for their delicious taste. Most of the population here are Malays.

Bukit Lawang/Bahorok

From a Naturalist point of view, Bukit Lawang is a fascinating village in North Sumatera because there is an area of tropical forest here. Bahorok is name of a sub-district in Bukit Lawang village limits. An area of tropical rain forest is located here and , in the Langkat Reserve, there is fanous Bahorok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. Bahorok it self is only a small part of the 9000 square kilometres or 900,000 hectares of Mount Leuser National Park. Several rare plant species and wild animals can be found here. The Bahorok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre was opened in 1973. The reserve fuction as rehabilitation station where once time pet orang utans are conditioned to be returned to the wild. This Centre provides the rare opportuinity of seein these great at close range. Bahorok lies 96 KM from Medan. It can be reached by bus or taxi. However, the conditions of road some kilometres after Binjai are not Very good. The provincial government is doing their best to overcome this transportation problem. A permit is necessary to visit the Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. Such permits can be obtained from the PHPA (Nature Conservation Servce) in Bahorok. Ideally, You should depart from the village about one hour before feeding time begins. This should allow you sufficient time to walk the 2 kilometres to the station. On arrival, you must report to park rangers first. After crossing the river by small boat, the hike will continue as a group, for about 300 metres (approximetely 15 minutes), up rather steep hill. There is camping site of 2 hectares located halfway between the village and the station. You must be accompanied by PHPA park ranger if you wish to go on a walk in the forest, which is within the National Park Reserve, even though you may allready have personal/non-park guide. In Bukit Lawang village, accomodation can be made at Wisma Leuser Sibayakk and Wisma Bukit Lawang.

Tanjung Pura

Tanjung Pura is small town located about 60 kilometres from Medan in the direction oof Aceh. This town is also called 'Kota Udang' (Shrimp Town). Here you can visit the Azizi Mosque, built by past Sultan of Langkat. Which is still maintained in good condition today. You also visit the tombs of the Sultan's family. At. this tourist site you can go rafting down the Wampu River and Bahorok river, for more adventures.

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