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As HAM Radio I have got Amateur Radio License from the Director General Post and Telecomunication with License number :D.97.61 0014. This License valid until 15 th January, 2000 and Member Indonesia Amateur Radio Organisation called ORGANISASI AMATIR RADIO INDONESIA (ORARI) Registered with Number (NRI) 97080825 . My Callsign is YD6PLG.
I am very active in Packet Mode Comunication (Computer Comunication via Radio Wave /ComputerNetwork via Radio wave as Backbone). My Packet BBS (Buletin Board Service/Packet Station) is :YD6PLG@YD6PLG.#MDN.IDN.OC with AX25 Protocol.
I am also active in Voice Mode. My Club Station is ORARI LOKAL MEDAN BARU (YB6ZAB)

The Other hobbies is Computer Multimedia Colecting, Internet Exploring and Reading .
I have Multimedia equiptment such as: Creative Sound Blaster, Acer Magig MPEG Card, TV Card, 33.6 KBps Telephone Modem.

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