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Medan City

Medan means 'field' or 'battlefield' , and indeed Medan was once the battlefield where the Deli Sultanate and the Kingdom of Aceh were at war many years ago. Medan is the capital of the North Sumatera province and trade centre and seaport of considerable importance. Formerly part of the Deli Sultanate, it's main historical attractions are Grand Mosque and palace of the Sultan of Deli, which has been restored to show the splendour of past. In the framework of cooperaration between the cities of Medan - Penang a ferry service using ferryboat -'Gadis Langka Suka'- was Inaugurated in June 1985, Medan's harbour of Belawan thus has ferry links with Penang and from here exports fresh vegetables to Singapore.
Medan has regular air connections with Singapore, KualaLumpur, Penang, Amsterdam and Vienna. In addition , there are daily flights from Medan to Jakarta and other provincial capitals in Sumatera. Medan, a city which is hundreds of years old, houses many valuable historical objects with can pottentially be restored and turned into tourist objects. At present, most interesting tourist objects in the Medan are :
Maimoon Palace (Palace of the Sultan of Deli), which was built by Sultan Makmun Al-Rasyid in 1808. Palace has recently undergone renovation. It is still occupied by the present Sultan and his family. Dating far back in the history of Sultanate, the Maimoon palace is a window for a glimpse into majestic past. The Grand Mosque ( Mesjid Raya) in one of Indonesia's largest and most beautiful mosques. It was build in 1806 by Sultan Makmun Al-Rasyid and lies only 200 meter from the Maimoon Palace. This mosque, with architectural featured inspired by Morish style, is the largest of its kind. The Museum of the Noth Sumatera Provicial Government is located about 4 km from the main road. It was dedicated in April 1982 by Minister of Education and Culture. Dr. Daoed Yoesoef. It's mission is to preserve the cultural heritage of this province.

The Bukit Barisan Museum

The Bukit Barisan Museum is Located on Jalan Zainul Arifin Medan. This military museum has an extensive collection of weapons, including those used sruggle for independence and in Sumatera rebellion of 1958.

Crocodile Farm

The Crocodile farm at Sunggal is visited by many domestic and foreign tourist. There are around 1500 crocodiles of different ages and sizes. This is largest crocodile farm in Indonesia. It is located in outskirt of Medan.
In additon to above toutist objects, there are other interesting buildings from the colonical times, such as :

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