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Pematang Siantar

Pematang Siantar is situated 128 KM southeast of Medan. It is the second largest city in North Sumatera. Along the road which passes through the Pematang Siantar area are the big plantation that have made this region rich.There are kilometres of well lined-up rubber and cacao trees. Oil palms are grown also, on either side of the road. The potentials of this region have been well developed.

Parapat - Lake Toba

The town of Parapat situatred in a large bay of the Lake Toba . Parapat is main tourist town of the province one of North Sumatera's greathest tourist attractions. Located 176 KM from Medan on the northern shore of the Lake, it can be reached after a 3 to 4 hour trip from Medan by taxi or bus. There is a constant flow of buses and boats to and from Parapat because of its position as the main centre of the area. From here, a postcard shot of Lake Toba can be Taken, especially in the evening. Lake Toba is one of largest and most beautiful lakes in the world, originating from an early volcanic eruption. The area of lhe lake covers approximately 1707 square kilometres, at an altitude of 906 metres above sea level. In the middle of the Lake is famous island, Samosir, measuring 627 square kilometres, which is home to the fierce but warm-hearted Toba Batak People.


Haranggaol is located on western side of Lake Toba . It lies between lush, green hills and you can enjoy a fantastic view of the lake. From Haranggaol you can cross the Lake to Parapat or Samosir island by boat. There is a traditional that goes arround the island, stopping every few hundred feet to take in more passengers. Most of the local inhabitants are Bataks of the Simalungun tribe. They live from the agriculture of shallots and garlic. Some recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, canoeing, and motor boats are offered here

Pematang Purba

Located about 140 kilometres from Medan, this village of the Simalungun Batak tribe it almost 200 years old. It is rather different from Lingga village, another ancient Batak village located in the Karo highlands. Pematang Purba has been restored as open museum and a traditional village of the Simalungun tribes chiefs. The 'long house' was the dwelling place of the chief and his wives centuries ago. Made of teak boards and standing on poles, the main building is decorated with carved ornaments, painted in the traditional Batak colours of red, black and white. On the wall that once protected the compound, unfortunatelly nothing is left. Tigaras is tourist object situated on shore of east side of Lake Toba. The air here is pleasantly cool and refreshing. Tigaras is 48 KM away from Pematang Siantar. The pier of Tigaras serves as a gateway from Samosir Island to East Sumatera. Recreational sports such as swimming, canoeing and fishing are offered.


Lying high up one the hill side, Simarjarunjung has a cool and refreshing climate. From here you can enjoy panoramic views up and beyond Lake Toba and watch the beautiful colours of sunset. You can see the microwave station, Tao isle, Samosir island, the village of Tigaras and even Parapat, far in the distance. A restaurant selling drinks and simple food can be found here. Simarjarunjung is located 40 KM from Pematang Siantar.

Tanjung Unta

Tanjung Unta is situated on the shore of Lake Toba and another tourist object in Simalungun regency. It offers a fantastic view of Lake Toba. Tanjung Unta lies about 25 KM from the Toba Kohang Road .

Liang atas Cave

This cave is also located on shore of Lake Toba about 2 KM away from Tigaras village. Inside the cave you can see many stalactites and stalagmites.

Toba Kohang Tourist Road

This is tourist passway from Tigarunggu - Simarjarunjung - Tanjung Dolok - Parapat. It is, in fact, a short cut from Medan - Berastagi to Parapat without stopping over in Pematang Siantar. The distance in only 45 KM This constitutes the ring road of Lake Toba and on this trip you can enjoy the beautiful bluegreen hillside scenery.

Karang Sari

Karang Sari lies about 17 km from Pematang Siantar. It is pleasant place for recreation.Many local tourist from Pematang Siantar come to visit the area. There is a river hare where water sports such as swimming, water biking, and fishing are offered. Available are small restaurant and several small bungalows for resting. You can buy fruits such as durian, rambutan, mangoes and salak, which are sold in abudance here during the fruits seasons.

Keramat Qubah

This is tourist object which visited by many visitors, especially Chinese. One of interesting things here is the wild monkeys which roam freely about the place . It is located in the town of Perdagangan, 40 KM from Pematang Siantar.

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