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Samosir Island

Samosir Island is unique because it lies in the middle of lake. It is the only island on island in the world. It covers an area of 627 square kilometres. Samosir can be considered the centre of Batak culture as the Island contains several villages of historical values. Royal tombs, traditional Batak houses, and stone carving are recomended for tourists to see. The island of Samosir is reached by motorboat or regular ferry. It takes 45 minutes from Parapat.


Tomok is the main gateway of Samosir island. It is situated 9 KM from Parapat. In this village visitors can see ancient houses in the classic Batak style, with carved beams and saddle-shaped roofs. Near the village is tomb of King Sidabutar, who reigned two centuries ago. There are other megalithic tombs and sarcophagi in the vicinity. Tourist can also buy interesting souvenirs here. At least 100 stands have been set up at Tomok, selling the traditional 'Ulos' cloth, Batak calendars carvings, two stringed mandolines, and other items. Bargaining is expected. There is European style hotel which quite out of place with surroundings, to east of Tomok.

Tao Isle

This is another, smaller island in Lake Toba, approximately 30 KM away from Parapat. It canbe reached by motor boat. Tao Isle in an ideal for relaxing or enjoying an exotic honeymoon. It lies in a more serenepar of the Lake and is thus an ideal escape away from the stress and uproar of city life. It has been called the 'Paradise Island' of North Sumatera. There is a restaurant here offering a good selection of Indonesia and Chinese food and a single bungalow.


Situated 1 KM away from Tuktuk, or 13 KM from Parapat, Ambarita is a lovely village with many flowers, old Batak houses, and stone tables and beches where meetings were held by Siallagan chiefs in the past. Here they decided the fate of criminals, the right time for harvesting rice, the date for wedding of people, and other important matters. Souveniers can also be bought here, altough there is less choice than in Tomok.


Pangururan is located on Samosir Island and separated from mainland only by a 'canal'. There are buses connecting Pangururan there is a hot spring often visited by local and foreign tourists

Tutuk Siadong

Tuktuk is an ideal place to rest and relax because it lies in quiet and peaceful site. Some hotels are availabe here for accomodation. The sandy beach and fresh water veri pleasant sun bathing and swimming. Tuktuk Siadong located on Samosir Island.


The view from Tele facing Lake Toba are absolutely fantastic. It only 22 KM from Pangururan. There is a tower where vistors can get a splendid view of the area, in particular Lake Toba, Samosir Island, Dolok Pusut Buhit. There also restaurant and bungalow/resthouses. Pusuk Buhit is the neighbouring area of Tele, only 12 km away. There is hot spring here and camping ground.


At this location are some ancient building structures dating from the times of King Sisingamangaraja I to XII, including the castle with tools and object that they used centuries ago.


It is located on the northern of the Samosir island, about 16 KM from Ambarita. The past King Sidauruk had his long house in this village. It is now one of more outstanding Batakk houses on the island. The long now as a museum for tourist. It is decorated with wood carving and semi sculptured figures, the Gajah Dompakk god, who was meant to frighten away ghosts or evil spirits. This good was worshipped by Toba Bataks hundreds of years ago. The Tor-Tor dance often performed at Simanindo on special occasions or on request for fee. Visitors can watch the Tor-Tor Dance and Sigale-gale wooden puppet dance performed by local villagers in front of the long-house to accompaniment of musicians playing their traditional instruments.


Balige is situated on southeastern shore of Lake Toba, opposite the trip of Samosir Island. It has beautifull sandy beach. The town is often host to some annual Batak festivities, namely the 'Pesta Horas' (Horas Party) and 'Pesta Pantai Lumban Silitong' (Lumban Silitong Beach Party). The activities include a fishing competition, traditional sports such as Marjalengka, Marhonong and other. Two museums are found here; the balige Museum and the Sisingamangaraja XII Museum show a collection of objects and item used by this past king. His tomb can be seen at Soposurung, Tanah Batak. There is also monument here is honour of late General D.I. Panjaitan, a National Hero who was killed in the communist coup of 1965. Adian Nalambok with its Gur-Gur Resthouse is place offering panoramic views on the way to town of Tarutung in Tanah Batak. It is only 5 KM from Balige. Balige is Located about 65 KM from Parapat. Balige is noted for traditional Batak cloths. Not far from Balige there is village called 'Laguboti' which is known for is woodcarving and statues.


Situated 14 KM from Balige and Porsea. You can visit the grave of DR. I.L. Nommensen here. In front of grave is the Nommensen Church. Nommensen was German missionary who was succesful in spreading the cristian faith among Bataks. Sigumpar is Beautiful village and vistors who enjoy natural beauty will be statistfield here.



Sibolga is capitall of Central Tapanuli. It is known for its lovely beach, Called Tapian Nauli which means 'beautifull beach and the clear waters'. It is 173 KKM away from Parapat on the west coast of Sumatera facing the Indian Ocean. several small island with white sandy beaches lie opposite Sibolga. Tourist can really enjoy the sea, sand and sun at these island, and can go swimming, fishing, scuba diving and boating. One of the interesting place at Sibolga in Pandan Beach.

Pandan Beach

This actually a fishermen's village where live goes on in the traditional way. There are some small restaurants offering fresh roasted fish just caught from sea, and several shop the sell varieties of seashells, coral and gem stone. Pandan beach is 11 km from town of Sibolga in the direction of Padang Sidempuan.

Mursala Island

This is subdistrict of Sibolga, lying opposite to the Indian Ocean. Mursalla is well-known for its sea recreation facilities. many species of fish and Marine life can be seen clearly swimming to and fron. Other attractions are waterfall, white sandy beaches and hunting area. The island is reached by boat from the mainland.


This is oldest port town, 65 KM from Sibolga, on Sumatera's west coast. Many old graves and relic can be found here as the remains of the other tribes or kingdoms who had once lived here in the past. The white sandy beaches area ideal for swimming and sun bathing, and the big waves of the Indian Ocean allow for surfing as well.

Bonan Dolok

The town situated 9 KM from Sibolga at 850 m above sea level in the sub district of Sibolga. It overlooks the Tapian Nauli Bay with beautiful view of the sea. There is a 'Wisma' (Lodging house) for visitors to stay, located along the main road.

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