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Covering a land of 71,680 square kilometers, the province of North Sumatera lies between 98° - 100° east Longitude and 9° - 4° North latitude, North Sumatera geological characteristic is marked by mountainous regions with lakes and waterfall. North Sumatera is flanked by Strait of Malacca and Indian Ocean, between the province of West Sumatera and Riau in the South also Aceh in the North. North Sumatera which lies close to te Northern top of Island is one of Indonesia's 27 Province, Various ethnic groups live in this province , namelly :

The people are hospitable and warm. The arts and Cultures makkke region a paradise for social scientists. The ancient Indonesia cultures can be seen on Samosir Island . North Sumatera is an interesting and impressive location for tourists. The beautiful North Sumatera has attracted more tourists.


The administration of North Sumatera is divided into 17 regions consisting in II regencies and 6 municipalities. The province of North Sumatera is governed by a governor.


A tropical climate prevails along coastal areas, where the mountain areas and high lying plain have fresh and cold mountain air. The rainy season occurs during the months of September till February. While the dry season is from March through August. The temperature along the coast range 18 degrees to 32 degrees celcius.


North Sumatera has big potential intrade sector, especially in non-oil sector (agricultures,plantation) and plays an important role. Rubber, cocoa, cigars and palm product export reached 99.3 percent from all of North Sumatera export.


North Sumatera inhabited by various ethnic groups of different customs. The major tribes are Malays who live along the eastern coast. The Batak consist of other smaller tribes such as Toba, Simalungun, Pakpak (Dairi), Karo, and Mandailing living in southern part. The Nias people live on the Nias Island. Since 1973 up to now Lake Toba Festival has been held in Parapat and the local cultural performance from around Lake Toba are shown in this festival. The performance of culture show is very interesting. In Nias Island , tourist can see the performances of traditional war dance and stone jumping. The traditional huses of Karo, Simalungun , Toba and Malay are still preserved today.


One of Indonesia's largest and most beautiful mosques is Mesjid Raya (Grand Mosque) which was built in 1906. Medan as capital city of North Sumatera was battle field between Aceh invaders and neighbouring Deli Kingdom The most historical and interesting object is the palace of Sulten Deli which has been continously restored in order maintain its past grandeur and it is still occupied by his descedants. The traditional houses in the Nias , Karo, Simalungun, Toba and Malays are still found and preserved and they prove that North Sumatera has various ethnic groups.


Medan the Capital city of North Sumatera , Is the main gate to western parts of Indonesia and has an airport and harbour. Polonia airport links with all the domestic as well as international flight airports. The international flights are served daily by MAS from Penang and Kuala Lumpur, SIA from Singapore and Garuda Indonesian Airways from Medan and Amsterdam served by K.L.M. twice a week. The harbour of Belawan is served by ferry from Penang six times times a week . The local and intercity transportation is geenerally provided with overland transportation .

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